The Freight forwarding and logistics service has been developed to provide an extremely comprehensive management service of long and short distance trucking for companies and people in the Company’s target market area. The Company will offer its clients the ability to manage all of their localized or long distance hauling needs through one business that will provide its clients the ability to manage their shipments in a cost and time effective manner. The Company will also provide consulting advice (on a per hour basis) regarding improving the efficiency of the client’s supply chain management and delivery operations. These services are now heavily in demand among product distributors and retailers

In addition to the service provided above, the Company will make sure that each transportation order is handled in a safe and professional manner. The most important key to maintaining and developing successful business operations is to be able to consistently deliver high quality freight forwarding and logistics service at reasonable prices. With the recent increase in the price of diesel fuels, it is especially important, more now than ever, that Management develops and implement strategies to minimize the possibility of mistakes. The Company will also provide per hour consulting for clients that are seeking to improve the economic efficiency of their supply chain and transportation/delivery operations. The company expects that this aspect of the Company’s operations will generate 15% to 20% of the aggregate gross revenues.

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